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live-recording / excerpt at klingt.org.jokebux

arrived at 16:00 in kyoto by the bullet train shinkansen .

I was very happy to see my dear friend ken okami after quite some time again.
the venue where i performed, cafe independants, has sadly lost it’s undergound spirit it seemed to have some time ago. now it’s more like a hip-club-kind-of-thing…anyways, i started the evening with my performance, followed by a very nice guitar/electronic set of polar M, and the whole evening got it’s ‘finishing-move’ by a very boring band from france. seems like i am getting in trouble with the french the longer it lasts. ken okami said he ‘…doesn’t want to waste his time by listening to boring music’ – and he is definitely right. i think it was adorno who said ‘schlechte musik kann man nicht wieder gut machen’ – that just plops into my mind – i am not a big fan of adorno ;  but, well, listen to adorno talking … it ‘s funny and sad – ‘dialektisch’ maybe….

kyoto is beautiful.


Written by kutin

February 10, 2010 at 3:10 pm

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