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highti is a rare place in tokyo, situated in the eastern part of the city close to the yahiro-station; it is an old warehouse, that was partly ‘rearranged’ and ‘reconstructed’ by satochi yashiro and his partners and is now used as flats, artist studios, as concert room, kitchen, living room. it has become a place for art, work and socialising.

the  listening-evennt on the 20th of feb. was currated by madoka kuonu – who did a very astonishing set using only taperecorders.
i did a solo-set again, performing in complete darkness (without display) at very low volume, playing along with what i could hear in the room which was basically the clock on the wall and the heating system of the room, as well as sounds from outside…
you should check highti’s website for updates, concerts etc. if you are in tokyo.

the line up for the show was as follows :

kutin (max msp, sounds found in the room, darkness)
hannes lingens, pierre borel & madoka kuonu (percussions, saxophone, taperecorders)
tamaru (bass)
kutin peter, hannes lingens & pierre borel (max msp, percussions, sxophone)


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February 22, 2010 at 2:14 pm

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