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| laura mello – composer, performance artist |

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first to laura : sorry , i missed your show at alte schmiede on the 30th of march 2010 .

to anyone else : laura mello is a composer, performance artist from brazil who currently resides in berlin.
she is focusing on performance using vocals (languages), live instruments, sound-objects, and interaction with videos. her works questions our regular reception patterns concerning listening and observing (in fact consuming music, film or let’s say : ‘art’ ?)
find out more about her live & work here>>>

she also performed on the 24th, at the 50th edition of the viennese experimental music series ‘velak-gala’ at brut/kuenstlerhaus vienna, which has been organised for five years by former students from the univ. of music and performing arts of vienna (including me eversince).
further laura was also the ‘model’ for the presspicture of this event wearing her unique ‘loudspeakerglasses’ :


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March 31, 2010 at 11:16 pm

| succoacido/palermo | soundscape-interview published now |

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I was doing a soundscape workshop in palermo in september 2009 in cooperation with ‘antitesi’ when i was asked to give an interview for the online art magazine SuccoAcido. This interview has finally been published  here>>>

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March 10, 2010 at 10:45 am

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| k&k live @ float , osaka / 27.02.2010 |

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manuel knapp and me did an ambient-noise set at float, a  venue nearby a river in osaka’s industrial area. An old warehouse used as loft (second floor) and concert hall (main floor). the owner and ‘chef’ of the place is yuta uozomi from the band SJQ.
we used guitar and bassamplifiers in combination with the p.a. system to fill the room from more soundsources and by doing so, give the ‘overall-sound’ a certain structure within the room (multichannel). additionally we picked up the sound of the iron columns near the stage and we switched the light off…
a live-video done by the painter/butoh-dance performer ikko taniuchi should be online soon too.
ikko will have an exhibition at art spot gallery marya in osaka from 25th of march till 6th of april 2010. concerts by manuel knapp & ken okami will happen there on the 3rd of april, so if you are in osaka, you should go there.

back to float – >line up on that day was :
kenichi yoshimura (guitar , laptop)
yuki nakagawa (cello, devices, effects) – we enjoyed his set a lot!
k&k | kutin & knapp | (maxMSP, effects, oscillators, iron, microphones, guitar)
bakiri no su (traditional singing, voices, melodica)

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March 2, 2010 at 3:17 am

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| k&k (kutin&knapp) live at sonihouse / nara, 26.02.2010 |

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i got invited  to perform at the quaterly living-room concert series ‘sonihouse’ by mampei and his wife anna.
i played two sets with manuel knapp as k&k. manuel is a painter, a creater of very unique animations, noise-musician – artist. visit his website to find out about his work.
we played the two sets (50′ & 20′) in a very concentrated situation. special thing about snihouse is not only the amazing food that is served after the concerts (they invite a special ‘chef’ each time) but also the loudspeakers that are built by mampei himself and are the only speakers of that  kind I have ever seen and listened to. ribbon driven tweeters and orbitural mid-range systems, all driven by tube-amplification offer a very pure and clear sound. this is far beyond what a usual speaker-system can produce in terms of creating ‘soundspace’ – by just two speaker-boxes.

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March 2, 2010 at 3:05 am

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