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| k&k live @ float , osaka / 27.02.2010 |

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manuel knapp and me did an ambient-noise set at float, a  venue nearby a river in osaka’s industrial area. An old warehouse used as loft (second floor) and concert hall (main floor). the owner and ‘chef’ of the place is yuta uozomi from the band SJQ.
we used guitar and bassamplifiers in combination with the p.a. system to fill the room from more soundsources and by doing so, give the ‘overall-sound’ a certain structure within the room (multichannel). additionally we picked up the sound of the iron columns near the stage and we switched the light off…
a live-video done by the painter/butoh-dance performer ikko taniuchi should be online soon too.
ikko will have an exhibition at art spot gallery marya in osaka from 25th of march till 6th of april 2010. concerts by manuel knapp & ken okami will happen there on the 3rd of april, so if you are in osaka, you should go there.

back to float – >line up on that day was :
kenichi yoshimura (guitar , laptop)
yuki nakagawa (cello, devices, effects) – we enjoyed his set a lot!
k&k | kutin & knapp | (maxMSP, effects, oscillators, iron, microphones, guitar)
bakiri no su (traditional singing, voices, melodica)


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March 2, 2010 at 3:17 am

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