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| 07.04.2010 | duo with dieb13 + skylla & cillantro @ schnitzel09 stereo presentation |

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billy roisz and dieb13 (the man behind klingt.org) presented their yearly video work named ‘schnitzel’ – all photographs dieb13 takes within one year are played back at 25fps. to serve more fun for audiences eyes and brains, billy roisz created a schnitzel too, so this year both video-works were played back simultaneously  in a dual screen-mode as a stereo-schnitzel.

before the screening i performed a duo with dieb13 using mainly a spieluhr. skylla (billy roisz & silvia faessler) and cilantro (angelica castello & billy roisz) did a trio – set afterwards. all happend at echoraum, a venue for music and theater in vienna.
by posting this here , i also want to express how much i appreciate what dieter and billy are doing for the (viennese) music scene in general, their ever since untouched resistance against the absorption by the mechanisms of the music and art  industry, which sadly forces so many good musicians to create market-oriented music instead of opening their ears more and pushing their musical developments further, just because they all fear to die poor … one can not blame them as the pressure for financial survival in terms of art is brutally high. anyway, i just would like to say thank you everybody who is able to resist even a little and wants to give people opportunities to use their senses. people who give other people sth. through their art and not only themselves.
this is not easy and it’s hard for me too, and of course there is nobody who survives just because of a nice ideology, you survive by doing your work, whatever it is. you must not live from art to be an artist. so you better take care not to become a sad clown.
most important is to have people around you who – even under these circumstances – still are humans…who like to laugh .

‘ when humans are humans again, only then music will regain it’s social character. not before ‘
(i know it’s becoming boring to quote from him, but he said so many nice things : john cage)

besides i have another favourite quotation, this time it’s from morton feldman :
‘don’t push the sounds karl-heinz, leave them alone. don’t even touch them!’


Written by kutin

April 16, 2010 at 12:06 am

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