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beginning of may was tense but good.

i did live sound for a very old japanese silent movie from 1931 – jirokichi the rat on the 4th of may at metrokino.
instruments : an old zither and guitar for further digital real-time transformation processes (laptop, electronics).
the movie itself offers exceptional pictures compared to western productions from that time. short videoexcerpt of the concert is to be found here >>>
two days later the klingt.orgestra performed at donaufestival (which sadly is the only festival in or close to vienna with an internationally interesting line-up ranging from experimental- to popaesthetics) in krems on the main stage. it was big fun.
one day later dirac performed their last concert at rhiz, presenting our latest record ‘phon’ which will officially be released on valeot records on 17th of may 2010. go and buy the record, it is worth it ….
afterwards my head felt kind of empty because i had a day off … within that I read a fascinating novel (on a woman’s life and psychosis) from peter handke named ‘wunschloses unglueck’ and discovered this well written essay on ‘environment as musical soundsource’ by bill fontana.

some political issues :
the super strange candidate for austria’s presidency named ‘rosenkranz barbara’ got only 15%. which means there are (let’s call it) 15% extreme rightwinged people living in the country that i somehow got born into. so that’s not so much as expected and further it led to the conclusion and confirmed my opinion that austria’s freedom party’s main purpose is to keep our super-leftwings busy talking about it and to entertain and push the right winged folks too. austria’s politics has come down to useless entertainment, to an absurd soap opera, while strict european law and order takes place and more and more highly undereducated policeboys and policegirls can be found at every corner of this country at every time, sneaking around, looking for the bad and dangerous citizens. the policeman who killed the fourteen year old boy in august 2009 (shot him in the back from close distance, after he had broken into a supermarket, carrying no weapon but a screwdriver) can still be a policeman if he wants too. policemen / military forces : one of the few popular and praised as ‘save’ jobs these days . so , join the fight ! there are commercials for it everywhere in vienna (and i guess not only in vienna).
i know this has nothing to do with music, but sometimes makes me worried…


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May 13, 2010 at 7:08 pm

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