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| tokyowien modern festival 2010 @ super deluxe / rippongi, tokyo / 19.+20.05.2010 |

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…was a two days festival for experimental music curated by kazuhisha uchihashi (mostly known for being a founding member and guitarplayer of the legendary japanese noise-rock formation ‘ground zero‘) at tokyo’s super deluxe at rippongi hills (strangely it is one of the city’s most upperclass-business-driven quarters). i passed by one of luise bourgeoise‘s  mamans (spider-sculptures) at the subway exit2 at rippongis -> right in front of the mori art museum of course… her work doubtlessly remains.
for the festival, the concept was to create various formations consisting of musicians from vienna and tokyo –  the circle of the musicians was a small and familiar one, leading to a very social atmosphere. I happened to perform with taku unami, who was  ‘walking in loops’ throughout the whole space during our set.
‘…he is creating a kind of stimulation into your brain by visual loops.’ (mamoru okuno) ;

participating musicians were kazuhisha uchihashi, kk null, taku unami, taku sugimoto, carl stone, dieb13, billy roisz, astro, manuel knapp, tim blechmann, klaus filip, noid & silvia faessler … find some info about them here >>>

pictures taken by dieb13 and downloaded from yuko’s flickr account, where the festival is documented a bit.


Written by kutin

June 2, 2010 at 6:07 pm

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