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| acoustic identity workshop @ goethe zentrum antananarivo / madagascar / september 2011 |

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I am happy to announce that the first launch of my project ‘acoustic identity’ has been successfully realised. 14 kids from madagascar’s capitol antananarivo worked with maria weber, me and our interpreter yannick for twelve days, collecting audio- and videomaterial that represents madagascar’s unique culture. A culture that has been heavily suppressed during the french colonalisation period and christianisation. The collected material (more than 12 hours of video and audiomaterial) reveals madagascar’s diversity, it’s host of impacts, visual, acoustic and physical, which throw you of balance, and both oppress and enchant you. The material offers a direct and realistic approach to the life and culture in it’s purest form.

‘acoustic identity’s participants and by-nc-nd-license-owners are (in no particular order) :
Maria Weber, Peter Kutin, Marbel Hanitrarivo,
Safidy, Yannick Rakotomanana, Dolly Ramatimanana, Nathalie Ramasinana, Stephanie Rabenja, Valerie Rabearisona, Koloina Andriambololona, Gracia Andriambololona, Patricky Rabearisona, Tsanta Raharijaona.

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Written by kutin

October 6, 2011 at 7:43 am

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